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All in One Protection

Windshield repair, tire & wheel protection, paintless dents & dings, key remote replacement, roadside assistance and more.

Compliance Management Services

Compliance Management Services consists of the following:  Dealership-branded compliance portal, policy development templates, policy deployment & verification, online compliance training, online product knowledge training, and optional identity theft recovery services.

Credit Disability Insurance

Disability Plans help you make your monthly payments if or when you are disabled due to a sickness or injury.  This plan pays in addition to any other disability plan you may have.  Payments are made directly to the lender.  Unearned premiums are returned in the event of early payoff or trade in.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance helps pay off the loan in the untimely event of death.  This will give your family a free and clear title to your vehicle.  Unearned premiums are refunded in the event you pay off your vehicle early or trade your vehicle in.  The cost is very low when compared to traditional life insurance policies but should be purchased in addition to your other policies.

Fabric Protection

Treating the interior of your vehicle works on two levels. It seals the fabric making it easier to clean up spills on the carpet, and also chemically bonds cross-linking agents to your leather and vinyl surfaces – helping to protect and extend the life of your vehicle’s carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces.

Gap Protection

GAP Insurance can cover all or a portion of the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the balance still owed on the financing.  It is important that you pick your GAP insurance carefully.  Some policies only cover up to 120% of the value of the vehicle and since banks will lend up to 150% of the value of a vehicle cut-rate policies can leave you owing even when you have purchased a GAP policy.  Loftus & Associates Inc.  only offers GAP policies that cover 150% of the current vehicle value.  GAP coverage is normally included in a leased vehicle payment so it is usually unnecessary to purchase a GAP policy when leasing.

Lease Wear and Tear Protection (LWT)

When leasing a vehicle it is pretty important to purchase a LWT product.  This covers normal small dents and dings that happen in parking lots, chipped paint, damaged fabric, and even worn tires.  Without a LWT the cost to repair these normal wear items is your responsibility at lease-end. You either repair them, or you pay the leasing company to perform the repairs. You may lose part of your security deposit, all of it, or maybe even owe more money.  Purchasing a LWT can resolve any worries about covering these costs.

Paint Protection

Paint treatments chemically bonds cross-linking agents to the exterior painted surface of your vehicle and RV, which provides additional protection and durability to the paint.  Normal waxing may only last 30 days when Paint Protection protects your vehicle from acid rain, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, environmental influences, pre-mature fading, and much more for years.

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)

When purchasing a VSC be sure to research your options. Typically new cars come with a VSC but recently General Motors announced that starting with the new 2016 models they would reduce coverage from a 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty to a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty leaving new car owners open to more replacement costs as their car ages. Some warranties and VSC contracts can be transferred for owner to owner enhancing the retail value of your vehicle. Warranties and VSC maybe similar but are not the same. Most work together to offer a broader range of coverage. Warranties may only cover the powertrain portion but not normal wear and tear.

Sales Traffic Control Tower

Nothing happens until we sell a car.
But…do we want to sell just one car, or develop a lifetime relationship?

Combined Mobile Intelligence

Tire and Wheel Protection

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Plan provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged in conjunction with a covered tire repair or replacement of the tire mounted on that wheel.  Typically, these plans replace at pro-rated prices but are extremely valuable especially with Michigan roads.  Some companies even cover towing services if needed due to a flat tire.  Custom rims, chrome rims, and after-market tires may be subject to surcharges when purchasing your contract.